Parent Information - Friends of Portrush Forest


It is easy to be a Friend of Portrush Forest - all are welcome!

Our students love the unique and stimulating space that is the Portrush Forest, but like most things it needs care and attention to keep it in good health.

Many hands make for light work!

During term, each Tuesday morning volunteer parents (and some dirt-loving pre-schoolers) enjoy some time helping to maintain and enhance the Portrush Forest.

As Friends of the Portrush Forest we plant, mulch, weed and prune to help maintain and enhance the Forest, for the benefit of students and the wider school community.

We meet just before 9am near the office to sign - new members are always welcome and feel free to bring your favourite tools (but not essential).



Do you feel a need for Seeds?

On most Mondays (11am – 3pm) our resident garden guru, Steven Hoepfner (of Wagtail Farm fame) is in our Nursery (behind the cricket nets) propagating plants, both for the Forest and school plant sales.

Steven also oversees the Monday Seed Club (lunch time) encouraging interested students to get their green thumbs going. 

Parents can also get involved by volunteering to help Steven and get his expert tips along the way. 


We can all do our bit!

Only have a few minutes to spare?

Why not take a walk through the forest and pull up a weed or some grab rubbish on the way through? 

(be sure to have a peak at the revegetation area west of the cricket nets - it is a highlight) 

If we all share the load, together our Forest and children will thrive!


Stay tuned!

Keep up to date with the latest FOPF news via the school newsletter.