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Located on the grounds of the Trinity Gardens School, the Early Learning Centre has its own purpose built building and outside area, very near the centre of the school. The building offers a main play area with carpeted and wet areas, a quiet multi-purpose room, bathroom and kitchen. The building is ventilated with windows allowing for fresh air and it is also has an air conditioner for the warmer and cooler days. Outside, the Early Learning Centre has its own playground equipment, sandpit and shed for storing the portable equipment. There is a wide verandah, large trees for shade in the yard and a pergola covering the sandpit.

The Early Learning Centre is open during school terms and caters for children for the year before they start school. It aims to develop children’s strengths and abilities through play-centred activities and to prepare them for entry into the main school once they have attended four terms at the Early Learning Centre.

Our school community is committed to creating an environment conducive to learning. We recognise the uniqueness of every child and support them as a learner to develop resilience, optimism, skills, confidence and social responsibility for them to achieve their full potential. Our values are respect, responsibility and learning.

As part of the School, the Principal, Director and the Governing Council lead the Centre. The Principal, with the Early Learning Centre teacher, oversee the day to day running of the educational programmes. The Governing Council, in consultation with the staff, is responsible for the governance of the centre.

The Early Years Learning Framework, (2009) describes play as a 'context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations.'

We are a play centred preschool. Play is as vital to the child’s development as nutrition, health and shelter. Play provides children with the opportunities to investigate their world and to test their knowledge, skills and understanding. Play allows children to be active and interactive learning how to form and maintain relationships. During play, children are regularly using higher order thinking skills as they imagine, create, negotiate, problem solve and experiment.

The program is developed from professional observations and the national curriculum document, The Early Years Learning Framework. Our program is displayed on the notice board each week.

In order to give our children every opportunity to extend their learning we are fortunate enough to be able to access the school resources and facilities. Some of the resources and facilities we may access are:

  • Working with specialist teachers and having access to their skills and knowledge – the Resource Centre teacher and the Italian and Instrumental Music teachers.
  • Working with an older class on a vast range of learning activities. They become our friends and mentors.
  • Working in the Resource Centre with its extensive library of fiction and non-fiction books and math equipment
  • Participating in lunchtime play with the older students in our outdoor learning area.

These experiences help promote an authentic transition between the Early Learning Centre and school.


Our Philosophy Statement

We believe every child is unique in terms of life experience, developmental readiness and cultural heritage. We will foster a culture built on collaborative relationships based on trust, respect and honesty and ensure that empathy and compassion are evident in everything that we do. We will honour children's right to play for powerful and effective learning. We aim to generate new possibilities by promoting self-expression, curiosity, wonder, amazement and fun. We will create a beautiful, spacious place where children experience a sense of belonging and can grow and learn in safety with each other, connected and contributing to their world. We welcome diversity and embrace the unique contribution of every child, family and professional. We endeavour to provide an environment that is inclusive and culturally safe. We acknowledge the importance of children and families connection to community and value their voice and participation. We will work together in partnership to build better communities for children and their families to live, work and play. We will collaborate as colleagues to generate a culture of continual reflection and renewal of high-quality practices in early childhood.



Children who turn four on or before May 1 will start their preschool education in the January of that year. Children who turn four after May 1 will start in the January of the following year. Children are entitled to four terms of preschool education.



Preschool Sessions $190.00 per term.

These fees are determined by the School’s Governing Council and are reviewed at various intervals. Excursion Fees are in addition to the above fees.


Group Times

Blue Group: Monday 8.30am - 4.00pm and Tuesday 8.30am - 4.00pm

Gold Group: Wednesday 8.30am - 4.00pm and Thursday 8.30am - 4.00pm