Our School - Steiner stream

 Trinity Gardens Steiner Stream – Reception to Year 6



"Our highest endeavour must be to develop individuals who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives" (Rudolf Steiner)



Let us show you around. 



Our next Steiner Stream Open Day is on 1 June 2023, 9:15 am

Other Tour Dates are:

Term 3 – Thursday 17th August 9 am

Term 4 – Thursday 7th November 9 am 

Enrolments in the Steiner Stream are open to families living outside of the zone.


Call our school office on 8431 4170 to book your place on a tour and find out about our enrolment procedure.

The Steiner stream is a richly connected part of the Trinity Gardens School community.

Steiner education has a unique approach to educating children, aiming to enable each stage of growth to be fully and vividly enjoyed and experienced. It provides a balanced approach to the modern school curriculum. The academic, artistic and social aspects, or ‘head, heart & hands’, are treated as complementary facets of a single program of learning, allowing each to throw light on the others.

Please refer to the Trinity Gardens School Steiner Handbook above and links below for more information.