Teaching & Learning - Literacy & Reading Support


In order for our students to become informed, active and engaged citizens they must critically analyse and create their own literature for a range of purposes and audiences.  Literacy continues to be a strong focus of the Site Improvement Plan as all staff work to build the skills and knowledge necessary to not only decode, but use a range of comprehension strategies to connect to texts and become a 'deep reader'.  Reading, spelling, oral language, writing and viewing are all important components of literacy development across all year levels.  Teachers work collaboratively to plan, implement and assess units of work tailored to the needs of each student.  Student achievement is tracked and monitored at the class and whole school level, with a range of intervention programs and support available to students.  


Students' literacy development can be supported at home through listening to student's read and also engaging in conversations about the text.  It is through these conversations that enjoyment of reading and development of complex comprehension strategies is developed and nurtured.  The Resource Centre and its' staff are an excellent resource for all families and is open daily.